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What You Need to Know About Moving Chemicals


Are you in the business of chemicals or do you need these as important inputs to your process? Whichever it is, having your chemicals where you need them to be is a need our Logistic Services in Houston, Texas can answer.

But before we get moving, understanding the safety principles and best practices of transporting chemicals can help you make better decisions in your supply chain. Here are some guidelines we strictly comply with to ensure the safety of your delivery and our people.

  • The need to account for spills – chemicals that are in fluid form (liquid or gas) can move during transport. While the container is sealed, it is important to “up” the safety measures by anticipating a spillage. The appropriate spill kit is included in the journey.
  • The wearing of hazmat suit or use of hazmat kits – when transporting aggressive chemicals, your transport team must be protected and ready to handle the task. Even a small drop of these aggressive chemicals like solvents or corrosive acids can cause significant damage.
  • The concern about segregation – chemicals can react with each other and these materials must be properly segregated while on the road to avoid unwanted chemical reactions. Techniques can be deployed to separate them into different containers or carriers or provide protective barriers in between.

Metrix Logistics Group, LLC takes your supplies where you need them to be through our reliable Freight Transportation in Texas.

Are you looking for Warehousing Services? We also have it for you. Let us talk.

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