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Proper and Safe Storage of Chemicals


Storing chemicals require expertise and quality standards. Here are some safety guidelines one must consider if they are keeping chemicals in the warehouse.

  • Labels keep it safe. Complete labeling of chemical containers improves the handling of the chemical. Make the labels easy to read and comprehensive so anyone can obtain the necessary information at a glance.
  • Position at shoulder label or below. Avoid putting away containers at higher levels. Keep these within reach or at the ground level to avoid any spillover or risks when moving them around.
  • A storage for each chemical. Some chemicals react to other chemicals. Keep a safe distance between these reactive substances to avoid unwanted reactions.
  • Use approved storage. There are approved flammable liquid storage cabinets to contain flammable liquids. Always verify if the container you are using for storage is approved for the specific kind of chemical.
  • Seal to prevent vapors. The vapor form of the chemical may not be seen by the naked eye but its impact can be devastating to the whole place. It is important for housekeeping to seal the containers shut to prevent vapors from escaping.

If you are looking for reliable Warehousing Services that are ready to contain your chemicals, you are reading in the right place.

Metrix Logistics Group, LLC has been a trusted provider of Logistic Services in Houston, Texas and when we house your inventories, we store them most safely and suitably.

If your chemicals are ready to move, our Freight Transportation in Texas delivers them to the next location. Schedule the service today.

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