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Recognizing that smooth operations rely on meticulous stock management, Metrix Logistics Group, LLC invests considerably in maintaining state-of-the-art storage facilities. Stocking over 10 million lbs of material and over 10,000 items in a wide range of grades, shapes, and sizes, Metrix Logistics Group, LLC makes extensive use of advanced tools to manage this vast inventory, thereby ensuring that our customers’ orders are filled precisely and efficiently.

aluminum rolls

Our 380,000 sq. ft. of covered storage space include specially designed warehouses for each line of products to allow easy access, smooth process flow, and immediate product location.

The unique design of our warehouses enables Metrix Logistics Group, LLC to process hundreds of separate orders daily with a quick turnaround time. Overhead cranes with chain-lifting devices ensure the continuous and efficient flow of material destined for three separate weighing stations. Sophisticated software connected to our WMS computer system enables accurate stock management of all of our product lines.

Available storage for all coils sizes inside and or outside. Please contact us for more info.