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One Way Express LLCOne Way Express LLC
11:05 23 May 24
Top worst place to pick up, lady at shipping has an ugly personality, rude and disrespectful doesn’t want you in till your appointment time tells you to leave the place but doesn’t respect the appointment time either to load, expect hours to load after your appointment time. Will not send trucks here again.
Jose Luis RamasJose Luis Ramas
11:03 23 May 24
The shipping office lady is always in a bad mood, I arrived 20 minutes before the appointment as the broker said and she changed my appointment 2 hours later at her convenience,
Ernan PedrosoErnan Pedroso
10:56 23 May 24
The office lady...has a very bad character...and confuses the support schedule...
Michel AcostaMichel Acosta
10:56 23 May 24
lady at shipping is a Karen, she hates her job so she has a bad attitude towards drivers. will never return here
Bout BenjamensBout Benjamens
16:27 18 May 24
Billionaire SHERMAN GRAY...All this happened a few months ago. Im.just getting around to posting a review.Hello all, I was employed real briefly with this company. From day one. I was doomed. Dispatched was dishonest and the communication was horrible they had their favorite drivers who they assigned all the best loads too. They are very unprofessional. Upon my departure in which I quit. I was old $3850. They tried to come up with every excuse in the world to try not to pay me. Some of the pay was back for work I'd alredy done. Some was my escrow and camera fee. In which it was never installed even after 5 months on the job.Yuri & Chad are horrible people my OPINION. Especially Chad devil in disguise. How do you inform your drivers that insurance rates are increasing $1300 to $1500 out of the blue. O/O with their own authority don't even pay that much. That's a dam shame. Every week im in the office having to negotiate about my check. Then Yuri have the dam nerves to act like she had an issue with it. Simple make sure my money is right and you won't see on a weekly basis. You got your nerves. To me they're legit scammers. It's so much more I can say about HALLMARK TRUCKING/METRIX LOGISTICSIF YOU WANT PEACE & INCREASE IN YOUR LIFE. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY.RUN RUN RUN...The company I'm working with now leased O/O. The charge $200 a week out of your check for insurance. YES EXACTLY!!!Billionaire SHERMAN GRAY
Nancy ZepedaNancy Zepeda
20:36 01 May 24
Good Afternoon coworkers, here I leave you this comment about this warehouse on May 1,2024 we came to pick up a load and the lady who is in the Front Office said that we only carried 44,000 pound of the load. I saw that my truck had a lot of weight, they put me 15 packages of plywood. So I went to weight my truck on a scale and the weight was 89,000 pounds. Here I leave the weight ticket and be very careful with this company.
Donald RobertDonald Robert
03:14 26 Mar 24
This company is giving me a hard time paying what they owe me. I'm trying to get my escrow that they don't want to pay me. They talk to you like trash I have the owner on tape. All these good comments is because we was asked to make them I have the text. How you don't wanna pay me my escrow that was taken out of my settlements. I can put so much on here but if I don't get my money I'm go let everyone hear how Chaf Hall really feels. Also he thinks I was working for 2 companies. If anyone knows the port u know that's impossible because you have to run under the company scac code
14:53 20 Feb 24
Don’t waist your hours coming here early the lady take you only at the exactly appointment time…Once you check in they very quick to load you there’s not parking cuz there’s a lot of traffic you can park just to check you in and go to the docks no restrooms
Derek CoreathersDerek Coreathers
17:10 23 Jan 24
Great company to run for. I have worked with them off and on for the last four years. They will keep you busy and pay is pretty good as well. Chad, Alice, Yuri, Jennifer, Russell, Gracie and Tonya are all Great people to work with. Keep Growing and Keep doing the Great Job that you do!!!!!
Jennifer HernandezJennifer Hernandez
02:29 23 Jan 24
You can tell the company has been improving so much, from safety to customer service. The way the staff assist you when you have a question to even give you directions on how to get to their many locations. Metrix staff has been great and especially when you need to resolve something you can definitely get an answer from Yuri. If she tells she’s gonna handle it best believe, she will take care of you.