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Some FAQs on Chemical Warehousing: A Short Primer


If you are a manufacturer or distributor of chemicals for immediate use or processing, you may need some elucidation on certain aspects of chemical shipping on the logistics side. Metrix Logistics Group, LLC would like to share its expertise as a chemical-certified provider of logistic services in Houston, Texas. We hope it sheds some light on the things that need consideration in your supply chain and why you should choose a logistics partner with the qualifications and experience to comply with them.

  • Can any warehouse handle hazardous material storage?Not at all. Only those certified to perform hazmat chemical storage can do so. Such a third-party logistics provider of warehousing services has to comply with regulations from local fire departments, air quality boards, security boards, and the like.
  • Can different hazardous materials be stored together?Articles in different chemical classes can be stored in the same warehouse provided they are in clearly marked, segregated areas with approved, non-combustible partitions and/or a distance of 20 feet or greater.
  • Is it possible to check a logistics partner’s credentials before doing any chemical warehousing?Of course! You can ask to see business licenses, fire department permits, and other applicable registrations. This shows that the company has all the necessary qualifications to be trusted with your shipments.

If you are interested in asking more questions, why not talk to a provider of freight transportation in Texas that has all of these covered? Contact us today and learn how we can help you store and ship your chemical products today.

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