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FAQs About the Distribution of Chemical Products


Chemical distribution has become such a diverse industry, serving a variety of industries and offering customized solutions. Pharmaceuticals, construction, paints and coatings, agriculture, and automotive are just a few examples.

Recognizing its potential benefits on service users, allow us at Metrix Logistics Group, LLC, a provider of logistic services in Houston, Texas, to share frequently asked questions regarding the distribution of chemical products, as well as their respective answers. These are:

  • Are all distributors held to the same chemical safety standards?
    The answer is no. The location of the chemical product will largely determine the roles and responsibilities. It will also depend on which of the parties involved in the transaction is the true supplier of the product. Thus, which party will be the seller or buyer in the country where the product will be marketed.
  • What should I do if my supplier fails to send me a Safety Data Sheet?
    A Safety Data Sheet is not required for certain chemical products. Exemptions or special treatment are primarily based on the product’s intended use and hazard classification.
  • When and how do I have to provide a Safety Data Sheet to my customers?
    When your customer receives the product for the first time, you must give them the Safety Data Sheet. You need to be able to prove that you handed over the Safety Data Sheet to the customer in the event of an official inspection, so it must be handed over in a verifiable and documented manner.

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